EDITORIAL cultura líquida

Editorial Cultura Líquida is a publisher specialised in education and creativity. An independent publishing house created in 2020 with the desire to recover, create and carry on the legacy of words by spreading the culture of wine.
Our aim is to publish books that reflect the Liquid Culture we disseminate. Books that tell stories about wine and the land, wine heritage, viticulture, the art of the sommelier or gastronomy. In addition to our own publications, we take on the challenge of recovering editions of out-of-print books, reprints and books not translated into Spanish of high cultural value and social interest and with a variety of themes.

We like books and we conceive them as a space for reflection to promote debate, education and socio-cultural entrepreneurship. Books not only of interest to professionals in the wine sector but also to amateurs who love the culture of wine.

With Editorial Cultura Líquida we aspire to connect geographies, culture, wine and people through books. Generate a network of exchange, meetings, learning and knowledge to promote the dissemination of the culture of wine at a national level for both professionals and wine lovers.

Editorial Cultura Líquida, as a publishing project that is part of the Fundación Cultura Líquida, a not-for-profit organisation, was created to contribute to development and social improvement through the culture of wine. Both the foundation and the publishing house are committed to ethics, sustainable social development and transparency.


The name of our publishing house is a declaration of principles. Wine is linked to the history of mankind, to the land, the history, the landscape and the people. We want to build a legacy founded on cultural entrepreneurship for social transformation.
Through the Editorial Cultura Líquida we promote the dissemination and promotion of works, research, publications and works of any nature that are considered to be of interest in history related to the culture of wine.

We aspire to promote and develop civic, training, educational and scientific activities that contribute to the social and cultural improvement of people through the culture of wine.
Through the publishing house, we work to convey knowledge by imparting it with rigour and values. All our activities, projects and actions have a common denominator: wine. Wine as a pillar of economic, cultural and social development.

We believe in the intangible value of wine, in the universality of its heritage and in wine as a culture in its own right. Cultura Líquida is a community of culture, dialogue, innovation and entrepreneurship. We stand for sustainable social development. We are what we share. Culture as a driver for memory, reflection and social transformation.

In December 2021 we presented our first book “Viñedos y vinos del Noroeste de España”, a translation of the book “Vignobles et vins du Nord-Ouest de l’Espagne” by Alain Huetz de Lemps.
In 2022 we will publish a second translation, this time of the book “Manuale di potatura della vite. Cordone speronato” by the pruning expert Marco Simonit.

All sales of the books contribute to the fulfilment of the founding objectives of disseminating and promoting the culture of wine, of protecting and defending its historical legacy and cultural heritage.



A historical reference work written by the renowned French geographer and historian Alain Huetz de Lemps published in 1967 after 12 years of research, including travels through the villages and vineyards of northwestern Spain.

A cult book for historians and researchers of the world of wine which, for the first time, is being published in full in Spanish, including all its bibliography, appendices, figures and original illustrations from the first French edition. As well as his photographs, which are authentic ethnographic gems and of great interest for understanding rural life and agriculture in mid-20th century Spain.

A tribute to an exhaustive and indefatigable scholar whose approach to the wines and vineyards of northwestern Spain became a work as crucial as it is topical.

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For the first time, this technical work on a world-pioneering and innovative pruning method will be published in Spain. Originally published in Italian, Marco Simonit describes in detail the Simonit & Sirch pruning method, which aims to lengthen the life of a vine.

Thanks to the insight of Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch, they have recovered ancestral traditions, showing sensitivity to the conditions of each plant, updating them with the approval of scientific research and codifying them in simple but essential operational rules. The manual addresses all the aspects that the prudent professional or non-professional pruner aiming to achieve the maximum balance and longevity of the vine plant must consider in order to carry out pruning work that can aspire to excellence. The book describes how to apply the method throughout the different seasons and according to the age of the vine: from the formation of the rootstock to the development of branching in fifteen-year-old vines.

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Gérard Basset was one of the most influential and respectable sommeliers who ever lived. Tasting Victory is his memoir, published after his death from illness in 2019 at the age of 61. The book is the inspirational story of his life in the world of wine.

Tasting Victory, subtitled Life and Wines of the World’s Favorite Sommelier, tells the first-person account of Basset’s astronomical career. He tells us in detail how he achieved an unprecedented number of accomplishments. He was one of the first to earn the difficult title of Master of Wine while simultaneously earning the Master Sommelier and Wine MBA. But this book revolves around the relentless pursuit of the world’s most important title and how Gérard Basset was crowned World’s Best Sommelier.

His professional career is an example of triumph in the face of adverse and complex circumstances. He recounts his difficulties at school and lack of formal education.

Nevertheless, Basset never attributed his success to natural talent, but to determination and commitment.

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